Are You Ready to Go Virtual? 3 Key Questions

Terri Griffith, who studies the mix of technology and work, poses three high-level questions to executives to help them determine whether their organizations are ready for large-scale virtual work. These three key questions get to the root of an organization’s reasons for going virtual.

1. Will offshoring/outsourcing be playing a role?
2. Is the organization designed to be effective at virtual work?
3. Are the managers and employees skilled in the practices and tools for supporting virtual work?

You can’t simply change one thing about your organization without needing to change many other things. Griffith points out, “Organizational design is similar to the Skwish baby toy [in the photo] – if you pull on one node, but do not allow the others to shift, something is going to break.” Read more at Three High-Level Questions to Guide Executives Thinking About Virtual Work.

Flickr photo by  yto.

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