Telecommuting On The Rise

What’s driving these trends? What does the future look like? And, will the rise of telecommuting mean the end of the office? Telecommuting has been on the rise since technology made it possible. Thanks to technology, we’re always connected to work — even when we don’t want to be connected.

The phenomenon appears to be growing. The annual survey last year by the Society for Human Resource Management found a greater increase in the number of companies planning to offer telecommuting in 2014 than those offering just about any other new benefit.

As this movement grows, being clear about what we mean by telecommuting is important. What we do know is that telecommuting isn’t limited to one sector of the population. We also know that those who work at home tend to put in longer hours and are often more productive. It works best when a company has developed a plan, including the best technology to use. We also know it can hurt an employee’s promotion chances and that some combination of working at home and in the office seems ideal.

Though not all jobs are compatible with all types of telecommuting, when used properly, telecommuting can be a powerful tool to advance and retain the talent that employers need to stay at the top of their industries.

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